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I made a song with GarageBand on my iPhone

Hi Oliver, a greating to our nephew who is in Seattle

First movie to photostream

Hello Sun, thought you had abandoned us

The little mermaid

Magnus, seconds after falling asleep for his ear operation.

Magnus 50 points

Dart in the shed

Mette inspecting our porse snaps

Grandmother has arrived


Today its our turn to clean the school.

Even Even more photos, from Halloween Snedsted FDF

More Halloween Photos from Snedsted FDF

Halloween party at Snedsted FDF

From our trip to Norway


Its october, autumn should be here any day now?

Election Day in Denmark

The raging sea

Portrait of my beautiful daughter

Lyngby Beach

Højkant last days

Dad, what happened in Norway?

Visits lately

FDF summercamp

Airial photo

Mette and the Kids at FDF trip the next 7 days

Westcoast summerday

Editing with the new Final Cut Pro X

Not many animals for us to take photos of, but!

Sankt Hans, Midsummer celebration

Førby lake, Thy

Coooool what an ipad can do

Worlds longest tv-show

Another example of the snapseed for ipad image editor

Image created with Snapseed for iPad

The wedding of Tina and David

Naturally Ignorant

Copenhagen trip to see old friends

June west coast beach fun

More shed news

Easy going life

The shed day

Child Labour

The story of stuff

Ipad, Iphone ready project viewing


Mette and Parents off to Malta for a week

First 100% swim day today

Walking home is not a punishment!


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