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Nikon D800 + D4 on the doorsteps

The web is hot with rumors, both true and false about the new cameras coming in these days.
I am talking about the flagships from Canon and Nikon.
I am a dedicated NPS Nikon photographer and as many am waiting for mine to come. Folk are already gettings theirs, so its just a matter days before its here.
I have ordered the Nikon D800 after seeings with my own eyes what this new camera is capable of.
I went thru hundreds of websites with thousands of posts on how good it may be or how bad it may be in regards to its huge MegaPixel count. 36,3 MP in a 23,9x36mm frame.
Now more real life RAW files are being uploaded for us to scrutinize, and by golly have we scrutinized.
Have a look at this polish website for some JPGs and downloadable NEF files.
Please note you might need Lightroom 4.0 for latest Nikon D800 raw support.
Have a look near the bottom where the girl with a grey scarf and a blue jacket looks at you. Its a NEF file, so its ready to import.
I am amazed on 6400 ISO with so much blue and yellow, yet very decent noise performance. The 85mm 1.8G (NEW) seems to be doing a great job as well.
Very exciting indeed. Will post some of my stuff, once I get mine up and running.
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