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I have worked with webdesign since 2005. But today in 9 / 10 times, I help clients get started with a free WordPress Installation, rather than build a website from scratch. (Why?)

9/10 times thats all you need. There is no need to throw to much money at webdesigners anymore. There are many great free (almost) alternatives out there.

So what do you pay me for?

The technical part of installation, uploading, tweeking the theme, design and teaching you how to get started.
Also helping you navigate thru the pile of information there is online. WordPress is one of the largest opensource communities and alone for that reason, it´s not very likely that it suddenly will cease to exist.

I have one rate.

Per hour 100€ (750 DKR) plus taxes Charge every 15 minutes.
(So a job that lasts 1h 10minutes, will not cost you 2 hours, but 1h 15minutes. A call that lasts 10minutes is only charged 15 minutes.)

A typical WordPress Job is from 4 hours and up to 10 hours.

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