Sofus Comer

Photojournalism, Music and Life

Photo, Video & Journalism

I have more than 20 years of experience of making stories.

This includes, photography, journalism, video, selecting, editing and delivery.

4K movie, good and clear audio.

my goal is to deliver simple clutterfree shots, with clear windfree audio. If appropriate a bit of humour, storypeak is attempted 🙂

My hourly rate is 100 € excl. Taxes (DKR 750,00) and I charge every 15 minutes for editorial jobs.
(So a job that lasts 4h 10minutes, will not cost you 5 hours, but 4h 15minutes.)

Commercial Jobs are approximately 50% above editorial

I will gladly send you a free offer, without obligations for larger jobs.

Short Video for the Danish Organic Food Association

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