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Just how stupid do scammers think we are?

By random surf, I passed this page on my way:
It threw a headline in my face, showing the below text. (See image).

The fact that there is a Mum from Snedsted (My hard to pronounce danish local small country town) named Melissa Johnson earning more than 6.000 EURO is A COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE.
There is nobody in our area named that. its a generated name based on my computers current IP (internet protokol) and nothing else.

When you visit the site, It will probably say something like your home town. and yet another buttbrain stupid attempt of scamming people into some kind of unclear situation where they end up loosing money in the end.

People making this crap are a waste of human possibilities. They should simply stop breathing our air or optinally look for better things in their lives.
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