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When bureaucracy is just too much

I must say that I am shocked by the bureaucratic nonsense I met today, when I appeared with my entire family to renew our passports.
We showed up with four pictures but three of them where declined because either we were smiling with visible teeth or there was to much noise "Mettes hair".
Format, size, and face size was correct.

Next you have to deliver fingerprints now in order to renew your passport. In a way thats almost acceptable, but that they can think of charging us 25 danish kroner for obligatory fingerprints, is just too much.
You really have to be a true bureaucrat to enforce such freedom violating rules. Badrrr. Shame on you!

The bureaucrats, just say. Thats the law, and ask us if there is anything else they may help us with!

PS, is it not our human taxpaying right to have a free required passport? Well obviously not. Here we are asked 600 kroners per passport per grown up and a "almost give away" price of 150 kroners for the kids.

It smells of industry!
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