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NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8 S

Here is my personal 100% unbiased and untechnical, take on the Nikkor Z-Mount f/1.8 S Lens for the Nikon Z cameras. I have spent my own money on this.

I love and dislike this lens at the same time.
It´s absolutely gorgeous in regards to sharpness. Its relatively mediocre speedwise in autofocus. The medium speed autofocus is just as much the Nikon Z7 thats not up to 2019 in regards to focus speed. (My D800 is faster).

I dislike the slipperyness of this lens. The smooth plastic and focusring is almost too polished to hold. I miss the half-sticky warm rubber from the F-mount lenses. So be careful, not to drop this lens. As its rather expensive.

But none the less. Once in focus, its really a treat. I have read that some are rather disappointed in the bokeh of this lens, but I must admit that I find it appealing.

And finally, I have never felt more close to what could be a medium format camera in regards to excellent sharpness, from f/1.8 and corner to corner. And all of this with a 45,4 MP full frame camera.

RATING of the NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8 S Z – Mount Lens.
Shot on the Nikon Z7
***** Sharpness9/10
**** Autofocus6/10
*** Bokeh7/10
** Handling (its slippery)5/10
** Usefulness (If I was to only own one focal length lens.)9/10
** Worth the money compared to what else is out there.7/10

Explaining the rating! Sharpness is more important than e.g. Handling.
Thats why there is ***** 5 times the value for sharpness,
and only ** 2 times the value for handling.
All numbers are added up and divided by 18 (Total number of stars)

Download fullsize image?

Lets hope that Nikon releases a firmware that in general improves the speed of the autofocus on the Z7 (Z6) cameras.

After all thats one of the sales pitches Nikon threw when they were telling us of all the benefits of a larger mount. More space for a stronger autofocus motor.

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