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Seven years

Today it’s seven years ago I lost my daughter in our own driveway, when my wife by the most tragic accident possible hit our seven year old daughter Dagmar and 40 minutes later she was declared dead.
This has shocked me severely and I still to this day miss her every single bit as much as ever possible.

We as a family have done a grand job in living with love/loss and forgiveness and pour all our love onto our two other children and anyone who dares to come visit. Its wonderful to be with company.

I only wish that almost all of our friends and family did’nt leave us alone. Its worst to have lost my daughter, but its most unfathomable how grownup people around me have reacted. I am still in complete awe on just how low once friends are behaving. Some have even become bitter or aggressive.

This is also a sorrow, that I bear. The immense lack of friendship.
If only you knew how much life, music and love I have for the world. But no where to share it!

My heart goes to all the good people in the world, who also go thru the worst nightmare any parent can have.
Loosing a child and the after going struggle to survive in a lost death culture.

The world really needs some serious love! 🙂

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