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Ove Sø, and Sønderhå Plantage

In Skyum Bjerge (Mountains) with friends.

Lyngby Beach: great as always, but also changed since the last storm

Stenbjerg by the sea

Our Christmas Evening with grandparents

My Christmas greeting card for this year!, Have a safe, cheap and good holidays!

The shortest day of the year

Happy birthday Fie!!!

Impressions from Ballehage, Århus

Nisse (Gnome) magic at the Bjerregravs

Brabrand Lake with friends

Whisky made it up in the tree and down again… No firetruckladder today!

Sancta Lucia parade

Bøgested Rende, trash and wind

The Pier at Nr. Vorupør gets its ass kicked again by some heavy wind!

Magnus’ experiment with lego and freeze

Goodbye electric stove… Hello gas stove! Hurray!!!

Saturday outing at Lodbjerg Fyr (Lighthouse)

Cosy christmas decoration making and goodies to be purchased at the kids school today

December is here and so are our fun traditions

Bookfair evening on Sønderhå School

After the storm

It sure is blowing hard today.

Desert served and diminished

A clean chimney

Good news


Good morning

Friends with us at Sdr. Vorupør beach

Dead duck and beach hugs

Whiskys first day out. Courageous indeed, but happy sticking close to me

Visit from a cat, that we all thought was dead!

kids walked back from school

Whisky at the vet

Bodil and Gunnar here for cake

Good Morning Thy

Not bad for november!

The day started with celebration of the robots birthday, then outdoor cleaning and music.

A great memory from the past. Grandfather with Magnus, July 2004

Anybody want to help me build the rest of my outdoor breadoven? Uuuhm hot bread on cold winter day :-)

Good morning sunshine

One thin line and some fun. Jacob and Magnus

Impressions from Lyngby

Dagmar is back

A surprise for the kids when they get back :-)

Whisky loves my office window

Nightwalk with Dagmar

So is it november or spring?

No more halloween

Whisky, goodmorning little friend

Welcome to our new family member; Whisky (a.k.a) Olfert


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