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Happy New Years

Passing on!

Merry Xmas


Nisse Niels

Winter is coming


The first Pizza!

Autumn near Silkeborg

On route to Hvidbjerg

Bread / Pizza, here we go

Autumn is here

Kids in Thisted

In one day!

Geese getting ready

Aubenas, Ardeche music

Cold Hawaii World Cup 2012

Back from Ardeche

Visiting Ardeche!

Oh, that great countrylife

Games Day at Magnus

The beauty of grass

Sportsparty in Sønderhå

Erling Dissing


My wife

Sunset over Nationalpark Thy

Beachnight at Sdr. Vorupoer

Lyngby Beach today!

Dead Badger to the statistics

Bulbjerg, Nordthy

Moody Moon

Lars helping with the weeds

Ready for food

Norway 2012 collection

Sunset at Stenbjerg

Sandsculptures in Kristiansand, Norway

Ranastøngji photos added

Hangout at Per Madsens Kær

Gloomy sunset over Vang


Vikings in Doverodde

When bureaucracy is just too much

Raftbuilding day at Ove Sø

Helping out!


Belfast 10 years ago

Midsummer bonfire

Starwars drawings from Magnus

Per from Vilhøj digging potatoes

Mr. Erling Dissing. Bio Dynamic farmer from Mors


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