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A good day in september 2013. My daughter Dagmar is happy that she can ride her bike.

Happy birthday dear Dagmar!, miss you so much!

Per Madsens Lake Ice

Ronjas first snowday

Christmas day by the sea


Sweet Memories of a good day in august 2009. My daughter Dagmar in the middle !

A day at our favorite lake

Ronja Autumn

Me and my daughter Ronja!

Magnus and Ronja

A nice day at Lyngby beach

Sunset at Stenbjerg

Maybe the last warm day of 2016

Goodbye Silke!. Our cat Silke, was now killed by a car.

The sea

Sunset with Ronja

September 1st. 2016


April 1st 2016

Magnus Theatre – Peer Gynt

Days of days



I wonder a lot!

Beachday at Sønder Vorupør

Trip To Århus

Nr. Vorupør Sunset

A Day at The Beach with Karl and Martin

Snapshots from a peaceful day

The hardest day of my life!


Dagmar is here

Stormy weather at Nr. Vorupør

Happy New Years Folks!

December Snapshots

Life in Thy and nearby cities

En god efterårsdag i Voerladegård

Wonderful days in september.

Cranes over our house

Flyndersø, Skive

Hygge hos Silver

EU Valg

Mixed Thy

Getting ready for warmer weather!!

Isted Woods

A great day at the beach

Snow, ice and cold is here!

Happy Newyears! 2014

Goodnight, Good evening

Merry Christmas


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